New Music: Unaware Part II (Blindside) by Melotika @melotikamusic


Unaware, Pt. II (Blindside)

Unaware, Pt. II (Blindside), an album by Melotika on Spotify

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Melotika is an Electronic Indie/Pop artist from Toronto. Vocalist Mel Yelle came from Montreal and moved into the big city of Toronto to pursue music and created Melotika. Jackman Jones, also previously known as Mista T Dot, met up with vocalist Mel Yelle in Toronto to assist in producing and creating the Melotika project. Mista T Dot’s soulful urban beats with a touch of hip-hop and Mel Yelle’s rock inspired pop vocals bring a new flavor to the indie pop scene. Together the two produce fresh sounds that will surely get you grooving and on your feet. Mel Yelle has a background in singing, songwriting and dancing along with music production and sound design. Mista T Dot, has been around the block in Toronto, DJing at several events, and has a diverse musical background as a drummer and dancer. Melotika began by composing the first singles “Downtown Summer ft. Krosst Out” and “Unaware.” The project was a success, and Mel Yelle decided to re-record both tracks and continue making music with Jackman Jones with intentions on producing an album. Always doing things differently, the first single released off the EP is a song called “Unaware Part II (Blindside)” leaving the newly recorded track “Unaware” as a surprise for Melotika fans. This single has now been released on all digital platforms since January 30th, 2018. The EP is scheduled to be released March 9th, 2018.