New Music: ‘Strange Little Planet’ by James Tormé @tokyo_ent @jamestorme


With an April release of his highly anticipated new single “Strange Little Planet,” produced in the UK by John Rosheuval and co-writer James Rose of the acclaimed international acapella jazz group Accent, the song – which is the title track from his upcoming Bungalo/Universal album, due out in May – marks a new stylistic direction for Tormé as he builds on the success of his previous award-winning album, Love For Sale. Thematically, “Strange Little Planet” reflects on our current social climate, the basic irony of life on earth, and the need to raise our level of consciousness. Explains Tormé, “This is a time when people are looking at what’s going on and saying, ‘This is insane.’ The song means something different to everyone, but at its core, it’s just about the idea that between the rise of terrorism, the constant ugliness of racism and the super-divided nature of our current society, we’ve gone way off course. We ‘the people’ need to find a way to come together before its too late. I still believe in our ability to do that – if only because it’s in our interest.” “Strange Little Planet” may have a socially conscious message, but musically it’s a feel good and ultimately optimistic song which seeks to heal.