New Music: ‘Level Up’ by D. Rainer



As the lights dim and the drinks begin to flow, you realise that the music has changed; an unmistakable voice rides, skirts and rhymes over slickly produced beats, the dancefloor swells out and the energy levels up. This is not more of the same cheap and tired hip-hop filler. You’re hearing the first single from the debut studio album of D. Rainer, whose inimitable verses are raising the bar for modern hip-hop productions. In Atlanta, GA, folk know him as Rains, the Blackfoot Native American rap artist: as of this May 31, though, the name Levelup Rainer will be on the lips of all hip-hop and rap aficionados in the know. ‘Level UP’ is the first single from Rains’ debut album, ‘Unbreakable’, and is the perfect introduction to the turbulent life and times of Mr. Rainer. From defying the odds of a 1% chance of birth survival to getting shot pointblank on New Year’s Day, Rainer is a man who overcomes. But let’s not give away too much – you need to hear ‘Level UP’ to grasp the diehard, rock-solid, ironman mentality that distinguishes Levelup Rainer from his contemporaries. Pounding beats, haunting keys and bulletproof bass provide the bedrock for Rainer’s verses, who waxes lyrical on stacking dollars, calmness of mind and taking out haters, the holy trinity that lets Rainer rise to the top each and every time. Lines like ‘I never get mad no / I just level up’ and ‘even when I was broke / I always knew I would shine / now I’m swimming in money / and everything turned out fine’ will be bringing the heat to clubs and parties all summer long, and Leveup Rainer is set for a meteoric rise in 2018. Don’t miss out on the action.