Here’s a Timeline of XXXTentacion’s Murder Case


XXXTentacion’s death is one the rap world won’t soon forget. On a typically sweltering summer day in Deerfield Beach, Fla., on June 18, 2018, the enigmatic rapper was gunned down in his car outside of Riva Motorsports, where he had just finished motorcycle shopping. The numbing news almost didn’t seem real but the footage of the rapper slumped over in his vehicle and unresponsive added a sobering reality to the situation. With the 2017 XXL Freshman seen as a visionary of the new school and a voice of the youth, the death sent shock waves through the hip-hop community. Fortunately for the “Sad!” rapper’s family, it does not sound like X’s death will go unsolved, like most in the rap world seem to. Through eyewitness accounts and intel gathered, authorities believe they have a pretty good idea who perpetrated the crime and their motives. Multiple arrests have been made, as police piece together the crime that stripped hip-hop of one of its brightest stars. “His loss is catastrophic,” Empire CEO Ghazi Shami recently said of X’s tragic passing. “There’s a whole generation of youth that looked to him for a voice. I think that watching him mature as a human being in just like, the 14 months that I knew him—16 months, whatever it was. I mean, to see him go from a child—he was 18 years old when I met him in the jail and did a record deal with me, to where he was at now, just before he passed away… just the conversations he was having with me, and the things that he was focused on, and the things that he wanted to accomplish, showed the potential of what he was going to contribute to the world.” As police continue to put the pieces together and attempt to bring those accountable to justice, XXL outlines what we know so far about the investigation of XXXTentacion’s murder. XXXTentacion Is Shot and Killed in Florida (June 18, 2018)After announcing just hours prior plans to put on a charity event in Miami, XXXTentacion is shot while sitting in his BMW i8 upon leaving Riva Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Fla. The rapper is unresponsive on the scene and transported to Broward Health North as a level 1 trauma patient. He is later pronounced dead.  Police believe X may have been followed by multiple vehicles as he withdrew money from a bank and was ambushed as he left the motorcycle shop. Witnesses say two men approached the car and exchanged words with the rapper before shots were fired. Those responsible reportedly took a Louis Vuitton bag from the rapper’s car before fleeing the scene in an SUV. John McCall / South Florida Sun Sentinel / TNS, Getty ImagesXXXTentacion’s Lawyer Comments on Motive (June 19, 2018)The day after X is killed, his lawyer, David Bogenschutz, comments on the possible motive of the crime. “I think the determination was that he wanted to buy a motorcycle. But [detectives] aren’t discounting any theory,” he told the Sun Sentinel, referring to the tragedy as “a random robbery.” Broward County Sherrif’s Office Vows to Find X’s Killer (June 19, 2018)“We have not solved it yet,” Israel says. “We’ve been working very feverishly on it, our homicide detectives are working around the clock. It’s a horrific crime and we’re going to solve it and we’re going to bring those who did it to justice.” First Suspect Is Arrested (June 20, 2018)On Wednesday afternoon (June 20), police take Dedrick Devonshay Williams, 22, into custody in connection with XXXTentacion’s murder. The Pompano Beach, Fla. native is charged with first-degree murder, as well as a probation violation for theft of a car motor vehicle and driving without a valid license. He is held without bond. First Suspect Makes Initial Appearence in Court (June 21, 2018)Dedrick Williams appears in court to face charges related to his alleged role in XXXTentacion’s slaying. His charges now stand at first-degree murder, one count of grand theft of a motor vehicle and one count of violating a probation agreement. He was on probation for grand theft auto in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. in 2014. 17th Judicial Court of Florida via Sun SentinelSuspect’s Arrest Warrant Provides More Details (June 22, 2018)Dedrick Williams’ arrest warrant sheds light on what police believe happened in the time leading up to X’s murder. As opposed to being a random robbery, police believe the crime was premeditated, with two of the three suspects on surveillance camera in the Riva Mortorsports at the same time as X. The men reportedly left the store and waited for the rapper to leave. One of them was identified by a Riva Motorsports employee as Dedrick Williams. Williams purchased a black mask in the store. The same black mask was then worn by one of the shooters who approached X’s vehicle. Police believe Williams was behind the wheel of the vehicle that boxed X’s car in, while he was rushed by two gunman. Dedrick Williams Pleads Not Guilty (June 25, 2018)Suspect No. 1, Dedrick Williams, has another day in court and enters a not guilty plea to the charges that he had a hand in XXXTentacion’s murder. “I plead him not guilty and my client maintains his innocence,” private attorney Mauricio Padilla tells the judge. “It’s difficult when you’re dealing with media cases because as you know they take a life of their own nowadays with social media. But we’re really focused on trying this case in a court of law and not in the court of public opinion.” U.S Marshals Join Manhunt for Remaining Suspects (June 27, 2018)Police Name Second Person of Interest (June 27, 2018)Broward Sheriff’s office confirm to XXL that police are searching for 22-year-old Robert Allen in connection with X’s murder. Authorities believe he is the other man seen in surveillance video in Riva Motorsports along with Williams. Allen was already on felony probation until 2021 for 21 charges of fraudulent use of personal identification. Broward Sheriff’s Office via Twitter/Jack McKainPolice Reveal Warrants for Person of Interest (July 3, 2018)Police relay more details about their person of interest, Richard Allen, revealing he is wanted on a felony warrant for violating a probation agreement. Allen is accused of carrying a concealed firearm and possessing the synthetic drug PVP, commonly known by its street name, flakka. Broward Sheriff’s Office via Twitter/Jack McKainSuspected Gunman Served With Arrest Warrant (July 10, 2018)The man police believe may be responsible for firing the shots that took XXXTentacion’s life, Michael Boatwright, 22, is arrested on unrelated charges of possession and intent to sell cocaine and possession of Pyrrolidinopentiophenone (known on the streets as flakka) on July 5. While in jail, on July 10, authorities serve Boatwright with an arrest warrant for first-degree murder in connection to X’s death. Broward Sherriff’s Office

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