‘Gotta Have You’ by Tito Abeleda



Official Release 2/28/18 Order on:

GooglePlay – http://bit.ly/GottaHaveYou_GooglePlay

iTunes – http://bit.ly/GottaHaveYou_iTunes

Amazon – http://bit.ly/GottaHaveYou_Amazon

Bandcamp – http://bit.ly/GottaHaveYou_BandCamp

Spotify – http://bit.ly/GottaHaveYou_Spotify

Tidal – http://bit.ly/GottaHaveYou_Tidal

Dance with all your passion and desire with Gotta Have You. This song musically conveys that undeniable, uncontrollably driven feeling when you desire another so strongly that such desire cannot be ignored. I created haunting synth melodic motifs to emulate heated romantic passion coupled with deep driven bass drops with racing syntharps & fx sound effects to musically convey that primal animalistic physical urge to connect with the object of your affection and desires.