Could Linkin Park record new material in the future?


Linkin Park bassist Dave Farrell has suggested it’s possible that the surviving members of the band could record together again at some point in the future.They’ve been in limbo since the death of frontman Chester Bennington in July 2017, with Mike Shinoda going on to record and release a solo album in the shape of Post Traumatic.But in a new interview with SiriusXM, Farrell says new music is possible, but no timetable has been set.He says: “It’s a big question. I think the easiest way to answer it is probably to say I don’t know. “The five of us still love getting a chance to hang out. We hang out quite a bit. I think we will do music again – we all want to. We all still enjoy being together and being around each other.“But we have a huge process to figure out what we want to do and what that’s going to look like. I don’t have a timetable for how long that’ll take. I’ve never been down that road, so it’s really hard to put a time or a day.”Farrell adds: “One of the things that I think has been ridiculously cool about Linkin Park fans is how supportive they’ve been.“Social media notoriously can be a really negative place and it’s 99.9% positive from our fans saying, ‘We’re here. We want to hear what you guys are doing. We want to be involved but we get it. We want you guys to be healthy and happy and do what’s right for you.’“We hear that message and it’s really something that is special and I can’t say thank you enough for that.”In June this year, Shinoda said he didn’t have any answers as to whether the band could reconvene in the future

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