Collection of rare Nirvana demos posted online


News / 25 days ago / by Scott Munro Four rare Nirvana demo tapes are uploaded to YouTube by Washington-based musician John Purkey – includes tracks from Bleach and Nevermind A collection of rare early Nirvana demo tapes have been uploaded to YouTube. Washington-based musician John Purkey says that the band’s late frontman Kurt Cobain gave him the four cassettes in the late 80s and early 90s. Among the material, the tapes include demos of Bleach tracks Scoff, About A Girl, Negative Creep and Blew along with Nevermind songs Polly, In Bloom and Lithium. Montage Of Heck also features. Purkey has also released a separate video explaining why he’s kept the collection under wraps until now. View all the videos below.

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